The Center of business legal support «Our Law» is one of the companies entering into the group of construction companies «GLAVZARUBEZHSTROY» and is engaged in legal support of its business activity and activity of the outside clients. The center unites specialists in the field of law, accounting, consulting services. The principle of the center`s activity is comprehensive solving of the problems and tasks which are facing the Clients and Partners. Our services include the following:

  • establishing of documents circulation procedure;
  • establishing of personnel service and personnel document circulation, staff recruitment; 
  • solving of corporate problems; 
  • legal support of the deals of different types and levels of complexity;
  • juridical services in the field of construction;
  • analysis, elaboration and support of the contract base;
  • registration actions; 
  • organization of lawyer services;
  • pre-trial settlement of the disputes, collection of debts;
  • representation and defense of client`s interests in the court;

Individual approach towards every Client make it possible to establish partnership relations facilitating the most effective cooperation between employees of the Center and the Client, just because of such joined efforts we can achieve the desired result. The Center of legal support «Our Law» is aimed towards comprehensive solving of practical tasks and problems arising in the process of business activity of organizations of any kind.

We are always in contact with clients and are always ready for lending a helping hand to you.

CHVANINA Irina Ivanovna

General Director of the LLC Legal Support Center «Our Law»

After receiving the diploma of the Armavir juridical college she entered the Faculty of Jurisprudence of Moscow State Industrial University. With honors she finished this stage of higher education and without resting on her laurels, she

has passed post-graduate examinations for candidate of science in post-graduate course of the University. She began her labor activity as inspector in the system of social welfare, later she worked as legal adviser, head of legal subdivision, then later on as a head of legal department. She was at the head of legal service in the following large companies: Public Corporation Holding Company “Glavmosstroy”, Closed Joint-Sock Company Design &

Construction Society “Moszarubezhstroy”, Close Corporation IBIA “MOSSIB”, Public Corporation “Reconstruction, Architecture, Construction”.

She has a number of science publications on legal subjects. She was giving lectures in seminars arranged by Moscow Department of Construction.