Russia, Moscow

The “NATIONAL” Hotel

“National” Hotel is the historical and architectural memorial place of federal importance. It is a specimen of the elite group of hotels in Russia and for more than 100 years remains a symbol of luxury and the highest excellent level of service.

“National” is like a museum of special kind in its own way. During its long history this hotel was welcoming guests of the last Russian tsar (emperor), it had time to become the first House of Soviets where Vladimir Lenin was living herein; and to become a hostel for arising soviet nomenclature and a residence of 16 superseding foreign embassies and different missions in the years of World War II.

“National” Hotel was built in 1903 upon design of the famous architect Alexander Ivanov in eclectic style with elements of modernism, very popular style in the beginning of the 20th century. The hotel was astonishing people by its magnificent appearance and technical innovations. Modern materials and technologies, natural stone and ceramic tiles facing, stucco molding and majolica panels, luxury mosaic floor. This splendid hotel with excellent restaurant and perfect service was always very popular and served as favourite place of relaxation for well-known persons, businessmen and intellectuals.