Russia, Borodino

State National Park & Memorial Museum BORODINO of Military History

Recreation of Parkland Ensemble – designing and construction

This museum was established by the Emperor`s decree dated 1839 on the spot where the famous Battle of Borodino took place. This is memorial of two Patriotic wars, one of the oldest museums in the world created directly in the fields of battles. There are more than 200 monuments and memorial places in its territory consisting of 109.7 square kilometers. Its depository keeps huge collection of archeological items, examples of printed drawings going back to the first half of the nineteenth century, and many rarity books. In 2007 the museum was awarded with special prize of UNESCO for reservation and maintenance of the cultural landscape. The construction and recreational works at the territory of State National Park and Memorial Museum “Field of BORODINO” in Mozhaisk district are being held since 2010. On the occasion of two hundredth anniversary of the victory in 1812 Patriotic War the builders recreated “Dining Halls”, the Imperial Palace and Pastry Pavilion. It was really a great job, because from those times till nowadays remained nothing but small fragments of the foundations. The builders had to recreate in details the architectural appearance of the old buildings being guided at every turn and step by the old archive photographs, layouts and sketches. Now in the Imperial Palace there is a part of museum exposition, the former Dining Hall for the Emperor’s guests adopted depository of rarities and the Pastry Pavilion contains souvenir shop. The company completed also all the works in laying external engineering services, installed engineering systems inside the buildings, executed the interior finish of the premises. In addition to this the builders executed land improvement and landscaping of the adjacent territory where the most beautiful park had been recreated.