Portnov Boris Anatolievich

President of Group of Companies JSC «GLAVZARUBEZHSTROY»

Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC «GLAVZARUBEZHSTROY»

Honoured Builder of Russia

Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

Boris Anatolievich Portnov got his higher education after graduating from Moscow Ordzhonikidze Management Institute (which is called at present the State University of Management). He began his labor activity initially in the system of «Glavmosoblstroy» building association as a foreman, then as supervising foreman, chief engineer and later on as a chief of construction and mounting division (civil and industrial construction).

Subsequently he had been working in large building organizations holding executive posts in such firms as trust «BureauBinStroy» (restoration, reconstruction, capital repair of the objects belonging to Diplomatic Corps Chief Directorate of the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry), International Industrial & Building Company «MOSSIB», Association of Building Companies «Roszarubezhstroy», the Main Administration for Service to the Diplomatic Corps (GlavUpDK) uinder the MFA of Russia. In 2008 he established and headed Group of Companies «GLAVZARUBEZHSTROY».

During the years of his work activity and under his personal guidance many diplomatic corps objects had been designed, built, reconstructed and restored in more than 70 countries all over the world including 14 new-built office and residential complexes of the Russian Embassies and Consulate-Generals.

In Russia he was in charge of the most complicated and sometimes unique works during reconstruction and restoration of many important objects including: Novosibirsk State Theatre of Opera and Ballet, Kremlin Palace of Congresses, hotel «National», Voznessensk Cathedral in Novocherkassk, recreation of palace-and-park ensemble in the settlement «Borodino», the State Academic Maliy Theatre and others.

Recently under direction of Mr. Boris Portnov the Group of Companies is performing the reconstruction works in the building of the Russian Empire Foreign Policy Archives of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Russia, and also construction of a new building for Museum Complex of the State Tretyakov Art Gallery and construction of Museum Complex «The Field of Kulikovo Battle». Now the specialists of the Group of Companies have completed construction of the Russian Embassy and Ambassador`s Residence in Nigeria, restoration and reconstruction of the St. Sergius Compound Complex in Israel and many others. Mr. Boris Portnov has several state and public awards.

Having immense operational experience and outstanding managerial abilities Mr. Boris Portnov permanently scores great success in business and is looking ahead with invariable optimism!

Ledovskiy Vadim Vyacheslavovich

First Vice-President


Honorary Builder of Russia

All his labor activity was connected with construction. After obtaining of the diploma in specialty «hydraulic engineering construction» of Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering named after V.V. Kuibyshev (now it is Moscow State Construction University), he worked his way up from foreman to General Director of a large building company. During 20 years under his leadership many construction projects in 30 countries of the world have been fulfilled. The large complexes of buildings and structures  of Russia`s diplomatic organizations in the United States of America, Afghanistan, Turkey, Ghana, Belgium, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Georgia and Latvia have been put into exploitation.

He was awarded with number of letters of appreciation for successful execution of many projects by the customers: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Executive Office of the President of Russia, Mayor`s Office of Moscow.