Russia, Moscow

The memorial house-museum of M. N. Ermolova

Major repair and restoration of the building

This private house built in 1773 is a monument of history. In 1986 here a memorial house-museum was founded. The great actress M. N. Ermolova has been living here from 1889 till 1928. The first owner of this house is unknown. According to the legend being passed by members of her family here firstly was a secret freemason`s lodge. In the nineteenth century the building was belonged to different owners who rebuilt and altered it according to their tastes. In 1889 the house was purchased by famous Moscow advocate N. P. Shubinskiy and from that times a big Russian letter “Ш” (“Sh”) was fixed on the parapet pediment above the main entrance door. This was imitation of family heraldic emblem.

The spacious quiet rooms, in which unique interiors and authentic items of the owners remained till nowadays, are keeping that cozy atmosphere of old Moscow mode of life going back to the end of nineteenth century. The sitting room, dining room, mistress of the house bedroom and office room of the master, famous advocate N. P. Shubinskiy, all of them are designed in one manner. Everyone who enters these premises can feel there something like a whiff of dignity, style and culture of the passed time.

The Company`s specialists executed capital repair of the building and landscaping works in its territory.