France, Paris

Embassy of Russia Ambassador`s Residence

Capital repair and reconstruction of the representative premises

Palace d`Estrées (Hôtel d`Estrées) located in Paris at Rue de Grenelle is one of the most beautiful hotels of 18th century. This mansion was built in 1711-1713 by Robert de Cotte, the first royal architect, for the widow of Marshal d`Estrées. In 1863 the Russian government purchased the building and transformed it into a residence of the ambassadors. In this building Alexander II has been known to meet Napoleon III during Universal Fair of 1867. It is quite possible that Peter I, the first king from the Russian Tsars, had stayed in this mansion during his visits to Paris in 1717.  And the last Russian Emperor Nikolay II had been staying in Hôtel d`Estrées too.