Russia, Tula region

Museum complex “The Battle Field Kulikovo”

Designing and construction of museum complex

In 2010 the work on preparation of the project documentation for construction of museum complex located in Tula region, Kurkino district, village of Mohovoe, had been completed. And in 2013 the construction began. It is planned that here will be built a new museum composition having very interesting concept: a sort of barrow consisting of two clashing structures – symbol of the Russian and Tatar-Mongolian armies fighting against each other. Besides its original architectural decision this volumetric & spatial composition enables to perform the construction in two stages. It is planned that Exhibition Hall Building equipped with 640 m2 observation platform to admire general view of the battle field, will be delivered to the Customer in the first stage. The second stage involves building of Exposition Hall total area of which is 1132 square meters. Both buildings are to be covered partially by the natural lay of land. That will allow the composition to fit perfectly the existing landscape without violating the integrity of Kulikovo field. 

The Company`s specialists have completed construction of the structural part of the Museum Complex Project and erection of round-the-clock guard post, Center of visitors` reception and sightseeing paved ground. They fulfilled recultivation of two existing ponds, arranged places for national handicrafts masterpieces, and also they constructed access roads and laid new engineering service networks.