Russia, Moscow

The State Academic Maly Theatre

Reconstruction, restoration and technical re-equipment of the building

One of the oldest Russian theatres, its role in the national Russian culture evolution was of great importance. The building of Maly Theatre is a unique memorial of culture and architecture and one of the main elements forming the architectural complex of Moscow Theatre Place.

The Maly Theatre building was built in 1821-1823 following the project of the architect O. I. Bovet and it was thoroughly reconstructed in 1838 by the architect K. A. Thon.

The history of construction and further reconstructions of the building is rather extensive and complicated: in the second half of XIX century and in ХХ century the theatre had been repeatedly repaired and reconstructed. The last reconstruction of the theatre building took place in 1939-1948.

JSC «Glavzarubezhstroy» started the reconstruction of the theatre building. And no longer than in 2013 the company executed big work of selective replacement of the floor slabs, underpinning of the foundations and wall brickwork. They also started the waterproofing and arrangement of foundation bearing plate.

As a result of these efforts the building shall rest upon new foundation and get a new full-size basement, which is supposed to use for technical and technological purposes.

Малый театр