Russia, Novosibirsk

The Novosibirsk State Academic Opera & Ballet Theatre

Reconstruction, restoration, technical re-equipping

It is one of the most important opera & ballet theatres in Russia having the largest theatre building in the country.

Its construction began in 1931. Initially it was planned to build the most enormous and modern structure of that time – complex of the House of Science and Culture. But only in 1945 the city of Novosibirsk obtained really modern and the most perfect theatre for that moment. From the engineering point of view the theatre is a very complicated installation.

And reconstruction of this theatre turned to be a really unique and difficult project: it was necessary to perform full technical re-equipment and capital repair of the building, to execute its reconstruction, restoration by keeping the historical appearance of the theatre untouched.

Among the acute problems of this job were tasks of increasing acoustic comfort (before this the audience hall of Novosibirsk opera and ballet theatre was known among the vocalists as one of the most difficult places to sing in it) and improving the stage system of lighting.

In accordance with the project documentation our specialists changed the roof design, restored the initial color decision of the facades and interiors, renovated the audience hall and circular belt foyer around it. They restored also items of monumental and decorative art, sculptures, old lighting devices, furniture and interior ornamentation. The theatre stage machinery was fully renewed. The orchestra pit structure had been changed. Serious reconstructions changes had been made on basement premises, the theatre storages had been automatized; all engineering services had been fully replaced. The use of up-to-date generation of acoustic systems and intelligent lighting equipment enabled not only to solve sound and light problems, but to put the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre to a new high level ranking with the best opera and ballet stages of the world.