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Consulate General of the Russian Federation

Capital repair of the representative premises

The building of Consulate General of Russia was built in 1902-1905 and was one of the most remarkable private residences in the city.Its interior was arranged in classic French style and in abundance decorated with columns, marble staircases, panel walls with golden moldings, massive brocade (curtains) blinds, crystal chandeliers, Goblin tapestries and Persian carpets. The house was furnished with ancient Ludovic XVI style furniture. 

The second floor contains reception halls — the Ball Hall, Library and Music Hall which can adopt up to three hundred guests.

In 1975 the buildings were sold to the Soviet Union to place Consulate in it. The complete renewal of the second floor in its original initial style was fulfilled on the basis of old photographs. The General Consulate opened for reception of the visitors in 1995.

The Company`s specialists are performing major repair works of the Consulate General office and dwelling premises and replacing the engineering services of the building, with preserving the historical appearance of the interiors.